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----------------------------------- Discord Community Guidelines -----------------------------------


1) Show respect to other people. < Frustrations Relating to Official Content > On this server, we exercise giving 'the benefit of the doubt'. Sometimes people can't get content to work. There's nothing wrong with that. If you need assistance, ask politely in the dedicated help channel. Disrespectful false claims born from frustration are not tolerated. Here are examples of false-claims from the past: "These resources are not free, it asks for a credit card." "There is nothing in these files, have I been scammed?" "This is a virus." Before writing statements like these, consider the possibility that you have missed vital information. If the majority of the community has managed to access and install content without issue, then it is overwhelmingly likely that you have missed something important. You should give content developers 'the benefit of the doubt'. Content developers may have the information you require - ask respectfully and it will be provided. < Sarcasm > Keep in mind that it is difficult to interpret the tone of a text-based message. In our community, we have members from all corners of the world. Many of these members do not use English as a primary language. Sarcasm will likely not be interpreted as you expect, so express caution when using it. 2) Try to keep it on-topic. < Maintaining Creativity > This server is focused on creativity. It is fine for the conversation to drift into other subjects, especially in general channels, however entering into deep debates in unrelated subjects should be discouraged. There are subjects that other server members will find extremely uncomfortable. If they came for creativity, then give them creativity. 3) No spamming. < Preventing Short-Breath Messages > Short-breath messages refers to this type of conversation: 'wow this worked and' 'like ' '...' 'it's amazing' 'damn' 'this is giving me so many ideas' 'i've got to make something with this.' Don't do this. Consider quality over quantity with your messages. Imagine that hundreds of people will read every individual message you send. Consider what your message can add of value to the conversation. Try turning 20 tiny messages into one well-crafted paragraph. Short-breath behaviour is more common with younger and excitable community members, and though we should always strive to encourage excitement with creativity, some degree of restraint should be exercised in public forums. 4) No advertising your own products or services without first asking permission from a moderator. < Preventing Exploitation of the Audience > You are free to share your creative work - 'the benefit of the doubt' will be given to you that you are genuinely looking for encouragement and feedback. However, when products that have commercial goals come into the picture, this benefit of doubt will no longer be applied to you. A judgement will be made on whether this sharing was 'organic' in motive. It may become unclear whether you are seeking to exploit the community as a tool to push your own interests, raise your profile and raise your profits. You must ask permission before sharing commercial content that is associated with yourself or a friend. The same goes for monetized channels. If you are found to consistently and non-organically share content connected to your own stream of monetization (or that of a friend's) then your motives will be questioned and you may face an immediate ban. Typically, the sharing of an audience's viewership with another commercial entity is a business partnership. Attempting to create an 'underground' partnership by intentionally pushing your commercial streams (or that of a friend's) in front of the community without permission will not be tolerated. < Preventing Legal Issues > If a commercial product that is acting against the law is shared on our community, then there will be repercussions. 5) Constructive criticism is allowed, but hostility towards another's work is not. < Phrasing is Key > People often have trouble with presenting their ideas in positive and encouraging ways. It's a vital social skill, and you can take the opportunity to practice it with our community. Instead of: 'it's boring.' Try: 'I would be interested in seeing how far you can push this.' Instead of: 'I don't like this kind of thing' Try: 'This doesn't quite align with my interests, but I definitely respect the effort that went into it.' 6) Do not beg to be featured in official content. The more you beg, the less likely it will be to happen. 7) Do not excessively ping Curtis or server moderators. If there is an important matter that needs to be addressed, then send a private message with all of the relevant information. 8) Keep political views, or views on belief systems, to yourself. This is a multi-cultural server. Attacking the views of others will result in an immediate ban. Do not pressure people into sharing their world views with you. 9) Do not share or ask for help with personal issues in public channels. You may be unknowingly putting yourself, friends and family at risk. Remember, this is a public forum, there's no guarantee that someone isn't keeping track of everything you say. The more personal information you put out there, the more at-risk you will be. 10) Do not make excessive use of profanity. Come on people, let's keep it family-friendly. 11) Do not flirt or make inappropriate suggestive comments towards other members of the server. This is a safe place for people of all ages. Breaking this rule will result in an immediate ban. Even if not directed at another server member, discussing or joking about explicit activities is not allowed. There is no excuse. 'I was just joking' will not protect you from a ban. 12) Engaging in (or encouraging the participation of) illegal activities will result in an immediate ban. If necessary, the appropriate authorities will be notified. 13) Do not ask for free copies of official content. A lot of content has been made free, but occasionally there will be some paid items. There is a good reason for them to have a price tag. Sometimes the decision to make something paid is a tough one to make. Be respectful of the developer's time investments.